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Small and medium enterprises (SMEs) and those in the creative industry are expected to get assistance to grow their businesses and monetise their talents following the launch of The Honey Bun Foundation.

Speaking on Tuesday during the launch ceremony, founder of The Honey Bun Foundation and Chief Executive Officer of Honey Bun Limited Michelle Chong said: “The Honey Bun Foundation was founded out of a passion to bring together what I saw were great people with a love for Jamaica and genuine love of what they are doing.”

General manager of The Honey Bun Foundation, Nashauna Lalah, in her address at the launch said: “We are committed to doing this because we know very well the impact of SMEs, not only on the national economy, but on individuals – the sons, daughters, children and parents of entrepreneurs who are a part of the journey, and whose own lives are impacted by the success or failure of these SMEs.”

Also speaking at the launch, general manager of the Development Bank of Jamaica, Milverton Reynolds, praised The Honey Bun Foundation’s team for a “bold and game-changing move.”

“The DBJ is 100 per cent supportive of this initiative and we commit our assistance as far as we can, to make it a success,” he said. | November 16, 2019