“Our Mission is to Create Powerful Business Models for SMEs and the Creative Industries to become
transformational industries for Jamaica’s economy!”

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The Gapp App is a diagnostic tool that will revolutionise your business. The app focuses on identifying Gaps within your existing business, and shows you where to get the support to fill them. Do you need help with marketing, maintaining quality or to expand your export? The app will highlight the areas of your business that needs the most urgent attention.

The National Training Calendar

Find the training to level up your business on our National training calendar. From the basics to the technical skills that suites your needs, all the training you and your staff needs.

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Public-Private Partnerships Key To Developing Solutions For MSMEs

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Public-private partnerships key to developing solutions for MSMEs -Chong

KINGSTON, Jamaica— Founder of the Honey Bun Foundation, Michelle Chong,


The Honey Bun Foundation launches free diagnostics tool Gapp App for SMEs

Small enterprises have a new diagnostic tool to work with